Ice Fishing Rod Retainer with 3 ¾" top and bottom center holes
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Ice Fishing Rod Retainer with 3 ¾"top and bottom center holes for added stability on the snow or ice is similar to the original FRR but shorter to accommodate the shorter handles of ice fishing rods . Black in color.

The Ice Fishing Rod Retainer is an innovative caddy designed to store, carry, hold, display and protect multiple ice fishing rods without tangling fishing lines while preventing damage to expensive rods and reels and averting injuries. The center hole also is the perfect size to carry a live bait container, such as leeches, minnows, etc.

The Ice FRR is perfect for storing your ice fishing rods in the garage or shed. When it's time for fishing at your favorite winter fishing spot all you need to do is pick up your Ice FRR in one hand using the built-in handle and carry up to 9 rods tangle free to your fishing hole.  Once you arrive at your spot, set the FRR down and select which rod you want to use. While the other fishing rods stay safely out of the way preventing damage to your fishing equipment.

This product is constructed of durable plastic. It has been designed and constructed to withstand the toughest weather elements.

This item is approx. 4" x 8" x 8"



  • Item #: FRR00002

Ice Fishing Rod Retainer with 3 ¾" top and bottom center holes

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